How 1-on-1 Tutoring Can Help Introverted Students Learn More Effectively Than Their Peers

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many students had to adjust their learning styles in order to succeed in online classes. The transition from classroom learning to virtual learning has required students to develop strong independence and consistent accountability for their schoolwork. Moving out of the classroom and into a virtual space was a positive experience for many introverted students. You may have found that working from home and learning in a more private environment brought out the best in you! Participating in virtual learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has opened many students’ eyes to the benefits of virtual learning. Introverted students may find it draining to participate in large class settings, and may prefer to learn virtually. Fortunately for many students who thrive in smaller group environments or one-on-one learning, online learning has proven to be an advantage. Another huge benefit of online learning is that it is accessible! For introverted students who find large class settings draining, the virtual learning environment is a perfect opportunity to finally learn in a space that plays to their strengths!

Students looking for personalized, one-on-one tutors, should know that introverts learn more effectively when given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, customize lesson plans, avoid overstimulation or social anxiety, and work without the pressure to engage in a group conversation.

Here is a breakdown of how these factors come into play.

Learning At Your Own Pace

Introverted students who work with one-on-one tutors are able to learn at their own pace. Whether you work faster or slower than your peers, making an independent and personalized timeline for yourself is a good idea. Students who feel rushed in class deal with gaps in their learning, and students who are bored may lose interest and motivation. Private tutoring can help in both cases!

Maybe a student has fallen behind in a large class setting, or maybe they feel like they are being held back by their classmates: in either case, it’s important that students learn at their own pace. Learning at their own pace gives students the opportunity to slow down on the skills or subjects that they struggle with, and develop deeper knowledge of the skills and subjects they’re successful with. Ultimately, one-on-one tutoring is effective for introverted students who are more efficient and more confident working in small group environments.

Here is a breakdown of how learning at your own pace can help with any class.

– Learn At Your Own Pace In The Classes That You Are Interested In

  • Time to participate in deep discussion
  • Time to think about your future plans
  • Time to focus on your passions and natural talents
  • Time to practice and perfect your skills

Learning at your own pace with a one-on-one tutor allows the students who are moving faster than their peers to dive deeper into concepts and skills they successfully understand in class. Diving deeper into concepts and skills sets you ahead of your peers. While class discussions may be limited to surface-level concepts, one-on-one tutoring gives students the opportunity to take another look at what they have learned in class.

Learning at your own pace in the classes that you love will help prepare you for your major or career in the future. Focusing on the academic strengths and passions that you develop at your own pace is a great way to set yourself up for success in college and beyond. If you want to dive deeper into the concepts and skills discussed in class, then consider spending time outside of class learning at your own pace with a one-on-one tutor to get ahead.

If the rest of the class moves slower than you, you will also have more time to spend practicing the skills you learn. You will get to spend more time perfecting your understanding of concepts and execution of skills as well. If you are able to gain experience and practice beyond the classroom, you are sure to get ahead of your peers.

– Learn At Your Own Pace In The Classes You Struggle With

  • Time to ask questions
  • Time to work step-by-step on difficult problems
  • Time to pinpoint weaknesses

Learning at your own pace with a one-on-one tutor allows students who need more practice and support the opportunity to develop their strengths, and identify their weaknesses. This time commitment is efficient for any student looking to improve grades and develop strong study habits. Just because a student needs more time to master the curriculum does not mean they have less potential than their peers. Sometimes, the greatest improvements occur in taking just a little extra time to ask questions and revisit the information. Weaknesses can be tricky to spot, and by slowing down to work at your own pace, you can effectively pinpoint exactly what you need to improve to reach your goals.

If you know that one of your weaknesses when learning something new is time, then learning at your own pace can make a huge difference outside of the classroom. Whether you feel rushed or bored at school, a tutor will help ensure that you are efficient with the time you spend outside of the classroom to maximize your results. One-on-one tutoring provides any student who is struggling to keep up with their classmates with an opportunity to spend time on the skills they struggle to grasp.

Students can get detailed answers to any question from their tutor. Sometimes, teachers just do not have the time to answer every question, and working with a one-on-one tutor will ensure that your instructor is 100% focused on your needs.

Your tutor can also walk you through assignments and problems step-by-step. Taking a little more time to work on the problems you do not understand, and learning through step-by-step instruction can make a huge difference in your confidence and performance.

If you are struggling with your performance in a particular class, it is important that you spend your time wisely. Working with a one-on-one tutor outside of the classroom will help students focus their time to ask questions, work on problems they do not understand, and pinpoint weaknesses. Students who are introverts can find major success by spending their time learning at their own pace with one-on-one tutoring.

Customize Your Lesson Plans

One-on-one tutoring gives students the opportunity to customize their lessons. Consider how you can learn more effectively by spending time on what you need to improve. If you are looking for ways to find motivation in your studies, working with a private tutor outside of the classroom can help you make a plan that is specific to your schedule and to the skills you want to improve.

Some students customize their study plan with their tutor so they are able to focus on practice work and building confidence with new skills. Others customize their time with a tutor to focus on asking questions that were not answered in class. In a classroom, all of the students are given the same amount of time to learn and execute based on the set curriculum a teacher follows. If you learn one skill quickly and need more time to master another skill, then one-on-one tutoring is a great way to work efficiently outside of the classroom. Avoid wasting time reviewing every piece of the curriculum. Spend your time wisely by placing importance on improving the skills you struggle with and working with a tutor.

Avoid Overstimulation

Another way to focus your time is by cutting out distractions. In a busy, crowded, or loud classroom environment, introverted students are at a disadvantage. Some students thrive in lively group environments and find they are most successful in a classroom, but other students may not reach their full academic potential if overstimulation is affecting their performance. Working with a one-on-one tutor is a great way to supplement the work you do in the classroom.

Introverted students know that overstimulation in a group setting can present itself in a number of ways. Some students deal with anxiety when classrooms are loud and full of distractions. Others struggle to focus on the teacher when there is a large number of students in the room. It can also be exhausting for introverted students to perform under the social pressures that are present in peer learning. By working in a more private environment, introverted students are able to highlight their strengths!

One-on-one learning is a great opportunity for introverted students to take what they learn in the classroom, and find any gaps that need attention and instruction. Most introverted students are able to learn more effectively by practicing their skills without distractions.

If a student is struggling in a classroom environment, it may not be the subject matter or the level of difficulty that is the issue. Many students cannot focus when there are distractions around them. These students can benefit massively by taking another look at their class curriculum with a one-on-one tutor.

Students who do not enjoy large groups may feel the effects of overstimulation faster and to a greater scale. If you are an introverted student who is looking to work in an environment that feels comfortable and effective for you, consider how avoiding overstimulation in a classroom can improve your learning experience. Everyone learns differently, so making adjustments based on your needs and goals is important! Private tutors can make a huge impact on an introverted student’s confidence and motivation by offering a safe space to avoid distraction and stress.

Less Pressure To Engage In Group Conversations

Engaging in conversations about the things that are confusing, exciting, frustrating, or intriguing while learning is important. Private tutoring gives introverted students the opportunity to participate in deeper conversations and ask questions without social pressures that may be present in a classroom. While the vulnerability and bravery it takes to speak up in class can be difficult for introverts, one-on-one tutoring sessions offer more approachable atmospheres for conversations and questions!

One-on-one tutoring can help introverted students learn more effectively than their peers by removing social pressure and providing space to talk about the questions, concerns, or interests that develop when learning something new. By removing the social anxiety that comes with group learning environments, introverted students are able to participate in a productive way.

If you are an introverted student looking to improve your learning, try Tutorly’s online tutors for a customized, effective, comfortable tutoring experience. All Tutorly tutors go through extensive training to support students on their journey to reaching their academic goals. Our tutors are masters in virtual instruction and we prioritize creating a safe and open environment where all students feel comfortable asking for the help they need. If you are looking for a one-on-one tutoring experience that helps you focus on the big picture and identify weaknesses, while cultivating independent mindsets and developing custom lesson plans, then sign up to meet a Tutorly tutor! No matter the academic subject or the individual’s skill level, one-on-one tutoring can help students reach their academic goals.

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