Unlike most brick and mortar companies that only recruit local tutors, we have extensive recruitment around the world, with an initial focus on India.

Our rates start at $29/hour. Please see Our Pricing page for more information.

We carefully vet our tutors, who not only have deep content knowledge but are also highly skilled at motivating and inspiring student confidence and accommodating all types of learners. We recruit graduates from top universities who are passionate about and experienced in teaching, including alumni from the Teach for All network and people who have worked at elite tutoring companies. Read more about our recruiting and training process.

We handle all scheduling as well as payments to the tutor. For the scheduling process, we will work with the student’s schedule and set regular tutoring session times at the frequency they need. Tutors will do their best to offer additional times if the student needs to cancel or reschedule, provided that this is done with at least 24 hours’ notice.

We’re confident that we will match you with a tutor who’s a perfect fit for you, but if you feel that they are not, we will not charge you. Then we will follow up to help you find another tutor who better fits your needs.

Yes, parents are welcome to observe the tutoring sessions or request recordings of the sessions.

If you feel your tutor is not a good fit, we will gladly match your student with a new tutor.

Sessions have a minimum length of 55 minutes. There is no limit on the number of back-to-back sessions that can be booked.

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