Our Training Process

We recruit great tutors and train them to be exceptional tutors.



We carefully consider thousands of applications in
order to select the very best tutors for our team.

Tutors fill out a detailed application, listing their previous tutoring and teaching experience and their expertise in their chosen subject matter.

Selected applicants take a proficiency test in the subject matter they are teaching.

Applicants undergo a three-stage interview process with multiple members of the team and are further assessed through impromptu teaching questions.

Applicants must pass a background check.


Tutors undergo extensive hands-on training with our trainers, which ensures the highest level of quality for all of our students. Some aspects of training include:

Best practices in virtual teaching

Fostering an open line of communication between tutor and student

Cultivating critical thinking skills

Assisting students with time management and study skills

Sensitivity training for students with learning differences and trauma

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