Pooja B.


  • Masters in Sericulture and Seri - Biotechnology

Notable Experience

  • Mastree by Unacademy
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  • Science: Biology, High School Biology
  • Standardized Tests: AP Biology

Tutor Rates

  • $29/hour - 12 Sessions
  • $36/hour - 4 Sessions
  • $48/hour - Single Session

Teaching experience

  • Mastree by Unacademy (2years)

Video Introduction

Teaching Sample


I grew up in sandalwood city i.e., Mysore which has a rich heritage of culture. While I was pursuing my 12th grade, during my laboratory exams, they had told me to conduct a Salivary amylase test, which was a part of my examination, but I actually refused to do them, as I had a thought how many people would have spit in that bottle, to make the bottle filled with saliva. Then later my professor told me that it was artificial saliva made up of Carboxymethylcellulose, and then I was stunned, thinking how unique is this science. I really got fascinated to learn more about science and i started to like the subject than ever I want to show the world science isn’t complicated its simple when you understand the concepts.

Tutoring style

Everyone states science is tough, because of its intricate words, but I say, the solution lies within that complex word, yet the words aren’t complex when we try to split and learn them in a more effortless way. My teaching comprises a lot of analogy so that the student comprehends that science is universal and starts to think the whole world is a laboratory, there are so many things occurring in the world each and every second, few are observable and few aren’t. I hope to help you build these skills and start loving the subject more than ever before.

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