Hiba F.


  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering

Notable Experience

  • Tutor, Khalifa City Education Centre, Qatar


  • Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, Trigonometry
  • Standardized Tests: ACT, SAT

Tutor Rates

  • $29/hour - 12 Sessions
  • $36/hour - 4 Sessions
  • $48/hour - Single Session

Teaching experience

  • Tutor, Home Tutoring Centre (1 year)
  • Tutor, Khalifa City Education Centre, Qatar (6 months)
  • Tutor, Swiflearn (3 months)

Video Introduction

Teaching Sample


My tutoring journey dates back to my school days when I would learn concepts well prior to the exams, just for the sake of teaching them to my peers. However, the case was different when it came to math. It took some time and important people to make me realize the true magic of math and the simplicity of the complex mathematical concepts. I aspire to become that one person in a student’s life, as I am fully aware of the miracle it can do, to have the right teacher. Perhaps, it was those struggling days that gave me enough strength to empathize and to sit for hours with students who were struggling. Of all the subjects I teach, I believe that students remember me best for my math classes, as they reflect my limitless love for the subject.

Pronouns: She/Her

Tutoring style

My teaching methodology is to break up complex mathematical concepts into smaller, simpler capsules and deliver them to the student at the right time and at the right pace. I encourage students to think, guide them through their thoughts, and motivate them to solve problems. Such a practice can, with time, equip the student for self-study.

I frown at the idea of a one-way lecture. An interactive session with inputs from both the student and tutor is my strategy to keep the student engaged and thus build a stronger understanding of the concept. Wherever possible, I try to quote real-life examples so that the students get to know the mathematical applications, which was one of my greatest doubts while I was a student.

I would love to be a part of your math journey!

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