Customized learning solutions for schools

Promoting Educational Equity with 24/7, 1-to-1 Tutoring.

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Services Offered

Content Area Tutoring

Help level the field for every student, regardless of background, with data-driven, research-based personalized learning solutions.

College Counseling

Help your students apply to college with dedicated 1 on 1 sessions with college application coaches.

Why High Dosage Tutoring?

Accelerating Student Learning with High-Dosage Tutoring

Research done by The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University

"Ensuring students have a consistent tutor over time may facilitate positive tutor-student relationships and a stronger understanding of students’ learning needs."

"Most research has focused on in-person tutoring, but there is emerging evidence that tutoring can be effective when delivered at a distance."


A quarter of students increased their math grades by at least one letter grade—a 25% rise in GPA

Assessment scores increased by 21%

Tutored students improved performance on the MAP exam

RIT score increase of 5.06 compared to non-tutored students who had a decrease of 0.16

Percentile increase of 5.40 compared to non-tutored students who increased only 0.18


“The results speak for themselves. Students who have tutored with Tutorly have better grades and better test scores. Tutors have also done a remarkable job in building strong relationships with students. The management team is highly-responsive and are on-site regularly to meet with faculty and students.” 
 – Arina Goldring-Ravin, Superintendent

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