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Is One-On-One Tutoring Too Expensive For Your Child? There Are More Affordable High-Quality Options Than You Think.

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Is One-On-One Tutoring Too Expensive For Your Child? There Are More Affordable High-Quality Options Than You Think.

If your student is struggling to reach their academic goals and you are considering tutoring options, the first question many parents have is “What is the cost?” After all, tuition costs continue to rise throughout a student’s educational journey, and tacking on another expense can feel excessive. But, investing in your student’s academic success does not need to break the bank! 

Private tutoring is a great option to drive results and improve your child’s learning strategies, focus, organization skills, information retention, problem-solving skills, and understanding. Hiring someone to work with your student consistently in a one-on-one setting can get expensive, so virtual sessions are a great option!

If one-on-one tutoring is too expensive for your child, there are affordable, high-quality options to consider.  If you’re looking for affordable options to improve your student’s grades and test scores without breaking your budget, read on to learn about some of the most budget-friendly ways to hire outside help this school year.

Virtual Instruction

Some students opt for virtual instruction to avoid the high costs of private tutoring sessions. Virtual instruction can be very collaborative, and functions as a good tool to supplement the instruction your child receives in the classroom. 

Virtual instruction does not sacrifice quality! Students working with a tutor remotely experience the same one-on-one attention and personalized options as students working with a tutor in person.

Meeting With A Virtual Tutor In One-On-One Sessions

Meeting with a virtual tutor in one-on-one sessions is not only budget-friendly but very accessible. Students can meet with their tutors from anywhere, making scheduling simple while minimizing time commitments. 

One-on-one sessions offer great opportunities for students to customize their learning. Working in large groups in classroom settings is not ideal for all students. If a particular class or school subject is difficult for your child, then supplementing their in-class instruction with one-on-one attention from a tutor can make a huge difference. 

Private tutoring allows students to reach their academic goals quickly, and students who struggle to remain on task find that working with a tutor holds them accountable and efficient. 

Virtual one-on-one tutoring is great for students who want personalized attention and instruction without having to commute to meeting in person. Students face busier schedules than ever with college applications, SAT exams, ACT exams, Advanced Placement classes and tests, difficult course loads, extracurriculars, sports, jobs, and social lives. With so much on your student’s plate, they may feel overwhelmed by the idea of spending more time on their studies. Selecting a tutor who specializes in remote learning is the best way to improve your student’s study habits and skills without overcommitting their time. 

If one-on-one in-person tutoring seems like it is too expensive for your child, virtual tutors are a great option!

Meeting With A Virtual Tutor In Small Group Sessions

Another way to mitigate costs when it comes to private tutoring sessions is to sign up for small group tutoring sessions. To make a tutoring session more affordable, you may consider sharing instruction time with a small group of students who meet in person or online. 

In small groups, students can participate in discussions, ask questions, learn from each other, and support their peers while still experiencing plenty of one-on-one attention from their tutors. 

When it comes to personalizing your student’s learning experience, there are always options to work with. While one-on-one instruction is ideal, tutors recognize that not everyone can afford such a financial commitment. Before writing private tutors off as an option in your budget, consider how joining a small study group can offer your student many of the same benefits at a lower price. 

When assessing tutoring options, virtual sessions are budget- friendly and super effective! Finding a tutoring session that offers virtual small group work can lower the price even more.

Get Your Money’s Worth: Technological Advantages Of Working Remotely

Sometimes, the difference in a student’s performance lies in the small details. Learning through visuals and detailed explanations is a great opportunity for students to take another look at the topic or skill they struggle with. If your student works with affordable tutoring options online, they can take advantage of these high-quality learning tools to get their money’s worth.

Collaborative Tools

Digital workspaces like Whiteboard, Notion, and Bitpaper are great tools for students who are working with a tutor virtually. These applications and tools offer tutors and students the opportunity to collaborate in real-time with presentations, sketches, annotations, and screen sharing to increase workflow and organization. Students using these kinds of tools can get their money’s worth: while working online, access to functional and engaging technology can make a huge difference.

Video Tools

Video calls offer another opportunity for students to make the most of an affordable tutoring option because students and tutors can meet from anywhere at any time. Meeting with a tutor on a video conference call is a great technological advantage for students working with their tutors remotely.

Performance Tracking Tools

A great way to make the most of your investment with a tutor is by tracking improvements through performance data. Online tutors offer parents and students an opportunity to keep track of achievements by tracking the student’s goals, strengths, and successes. Working with a virtual tutor offers a great technological advantage by way of data tracking. Students who are motivated by goals and data find great success and motivation with the opportunity to see their improvements over time. 

Progress is a huge motivator when students have long-term goals. Working with a tutor online is not only cost-effective but a great source of motivation for students looking to make progress. By using performance tracking tools, a tutor can pinpoint areas of weakness that a student needs to prioritize. Starting a student’s tutoring journey with a strong foundation is important: one great technological advantage of working remotely is the opportunity for tutors to collect data to pinpoint the subjects, skills, and habits that hold a student back. Boosting efficiency with tutors is a huge bonus for parents looking to save money. A great way to guide your students toward their goals quickly is by hiring a tutor with the tools and experience to understand weaknesses, highlight strengths, and make a plan for improvements. Data is a huge advantage in these tasks!

Free Study Strategies

Students who are looking to supplement what they have learned in class, but do not want to spend money on tutors should know that there are some options for free study strategies. One great option is joining a study group!

Joining a Study Group

A great way for students to hold themselves accountable in their studies is by joining a study group. Working in a study group gives students the structure and support they lack when working on their own. It can make a huge difference to talk through struggles and challenges with other students who are going through the same things. 

By actively engaging with fellow students in a mutual learning environment, students will not only enhance their understanding of the course content but also receive assistance when they need it most. 

When students join study groups, it is crucial to set goals and expectations before each session. Walking into a study session without questions to ask, problems to work through, a paper that needs editing, or topics that need explanation can waste time. Asking fellow students to explain difficult concepts is a great use of time. Students should take some time before their group study session to pin down the skills, subjects, and problems they want to work on that day. They can use the meetings to go beyond course content and explore topics that interest them too! A great benefit of study groups is finding people with similar interests and plans for the future. Group members can hold each other accountable for the goals they set for each session. 

While students need to set goals and expectations for their study group, regular meetings are essential to the group’s success. If possible, students should select a consistent meeting day and time that works for all members of the group. Although some flexibility in meeting times may be necessary, it is important to try to select a consistent day and time for meetings, so participation is possible for everyone. If scheduling becomes restrictive to the group, students can consider video conference meetings: online study groups can be a great choice for some students with busy schedules! 

Organization is a huge deal for students working in study groups. On top of being prepared for each meeting, it is a good idea for students to take notes throughout the discussions and workshops the group has each time they get together. Make note of topics that were discussed, questions that were asked, and any advice received from the other group members. After each meeting, students can share their notes with the group members, so everyone can follow up on discussions or use the notes as collaborative study tools. This practice can help the group keep the communication flowing between meetings and ensure that important information is not lost or forgotten.

To find a free study group to join, students can talk to their teachers and peers. There may be study groups in place that students can join, or your child may need to start one themselves. To ensure that your student joins a high-quality study group, consider these factors: 

  • The group meets in a productive environment
  • The group has a reliable schedule 
  • The group consists of peers who are driven to accomplish their goals

Where is the study group meeting? Whether the students meet on campus, at the library, at someone’s house, or through video calls, they must set themselves up for success by working with minimal distractions. To be productive, the meeting environment is key. 

Setting a schedule that everyone can stick to is also important. Joining a study group that only meets once a month is not effective. If students are seeking resources for accountability, support, and collaboration, then meeting weekly or daily is ideal. Find a study group with a reliable and consistent schedule to get the most out of this free study option. 

It is also crucial to evaluate the other students in the group to be sure that all of the members carry their weight when working together. Study groups are great learning tools for students who surround themselves with like-minded people that are driven to accomplish their goals and work hard. 

While study groups are not perfect for everyone, they can produce high-quality results for students seeking affordable options. If one-on-one tutoring is too expensive for your child, encourage them to seek support from their peers!

If a budget is holding your student back from supplementing their in-class learning, know that there are plenty of affordable and high-quality options available. Virtual private tutors, virtual small group tutoring sessions, and free peer study groups can be effective and affordable opportunities. 

Tutorly offers highly trained, experienced tutors who are empathetic to any student’s budget and learning goals. Virtual tutoring sessions are an affordable, high-quality option for students who need support outside the classroom. Whether your child needs organization tips, study strategies, test preparation work, or help with homework, Tutorly’s tutors can help! Find the perfect tutor for your child’s goals and budget with Tutorly.

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